Do you need an emergency dentist?

In our center we have a very tight schedule and we only serve patients with appointments, however we have a specialized area for dental emergencies which are open, if you present an emergency it is important that you go immediately with an emergency dentist.

Detect a dental emergency 

Most of the cases that come to our dental center are problems associated with severe pain, acute infection, wisdom teeth, dental fractures, mouth abscesses and bleeding gums, for all these cases and more are equipped and trained to assist you in the best way, the important thing is that you come to us before the situation can become worse.

Wisdom tooth


Within all the changes that your mouth passes through your life there is one that happens between 17 and 21 years and is very important, at this age your third molars will begin to sprout which are better known as the wisdom tooth.

The objective of these molars is to help you chew and with its appearance it is normal to present a little pain, however in some cases these can appear with a lot of pain, in case this happens to you, do not hesitate to attend our emergency.

For good planning and evaluation, we are equipped with a high-tech 3D radiological device for more complex cases. Our dentist with advanced training in oral surgery will take care of you.

Dental caries, fractures and accidents

Dental caries are definitely the most common oral affection, 95% of the world’s population suffers from or suffered from caries at some point in their lives, these can affect people of any age regardless of whether children, adolescents or adults.

It usually presents with a slight pain but in some cases this pain can become intense and should be treated as soon as possible, due to the high rates of children affected by caries with intense pain it is essential that this problem is treated by our specialized emergency team.

Dental accidents, mainly in children, are a reason to consult your dentist urgently. Immediate examination can resolve as quickly as possible the loss of teeth or parts and restore the initial state.

You can trust us.


If you have a dental emergency you can go to our dental clinic and we will assist you as quickly as possible, we always have an emergency dentist available for you.