The new era is right here and right now, every day technology has become more necessary and it’s amazing how it can help in all areas, even in the area of dentistry the arrival of new technologies are wonderful, facilitating the work of dentists, helping them in all the problems of teeth and mouths of their patients with innovative methods, less painful, less invasive and faster.

It’s time for each dental medical center to update its facilities for the greatest comfort of their patients, in these facilities we have the magnificent new chair Teneo which makes the life of each specialist in this area much easier with perfect support.

But not only facilitates the work to the specialist, it also provide excellent comfort to the patient, this incredible chair has a motorized travel lane to handle items such as screens in a fast, safe, comfortable and also hygienic way.


When attending a dental clinic in Morges most patients expect to receive specialized, dedicated and personalized attention; after all, it’s important in which hands you leave something as important as your smile or oral health.

Nuestra Clínica Dental está provista de toda la tecnología dental de última generación necesaria para favorecer tu confort y facilitar el trabajo del equipo médico.

We work with the latest technology in our dental clinic in Morges to offer you exclusive services that ensure your comfort and safety. Among our avant-garde services we offer everything that can ensure your comfort during the experience with the best personalized treatment, but that’s not all we also have the intra-oral cameras and the new digital scanner TRIOS in addition to our 3D radiography service.



The 3D Radiology system (TAC) we own in our dental clinic in Morges guarantees a better visualization of the images in very high quality, facilitating with this the work of the specialists that through these can provide a better service and provide a fast sea attention to the patients.

DIGITAL scanner

Pastes and molds are a thing of the past, with the digital scanner we say goodbye to that archaic system with which the patient’s bite was obtained. The digital scanner we have in our dental clinic in Morges helps to determine in a precise way not only what type of shape the patient’s bite has but it can even create pieces in a more comfortable and avant-garde way.

INTRAORAl camera

We want the experience for the patient to be the best so they can fully trust the specialist and the service that is being provided, here or even in our dental clinic in Echichens.

The intraoral cameras are the best way we can show the patient what is being diagnosing, thanks to them you can see in real time the inside of your mouth and everything the dentist is doing in it ensuring a more direct diagnosis.