Dental aesthetics also known as aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is an area that focuses not only on improving health but also works to make it go hand in hand with good looks.

Etymologically speaking the term aesthetic, aesthesis, derives from Greek and means perception. This defines the term as a way to apply the art and science of the hand for dental work, a cosmetic dentistry.


Aesthetic dentistry has evolved to become something completely necessary for modern dentistry, and all this has been achieved thanks to the implementation of multiple techniques and materials such as the realization of dental implants or teeth whitening.

Our mouth has one of the most important elements in our presentation, well aligned and clean white teeth allow us to smile widely which shows a lot of confidence. That’s why tooth whitening is booming.

However, the teeth have different generic patterns according to the culture, for example in the West these patterns are represented by clear and white teeth, but this does not mean that they should be like this and that there are no people who accept their teeth differently.

For those who want their teeth to shine in the best possible way, whitening (external or internal) is performed, as well as veneers for closing diastemas, improving alignment and color, or dental implants for the reconstruction of pieces.


Treatments like dental implants have not only aesthetic purposes, they also promise to improve the functionality of the teeth because having a correct smile will not only look good, it will also work well, helping with chewing and communication. But the appearance and functionality are not the only benefits because a good smile will also help to have more confidence and high self-esteem.

To start with the change in your smile throug cosmetic dentistry you just have to take the first step, it is true that these treatments take a lot of work in which you will be subjected to many aesthetic changes but this will give you a lot of confidence in yourself and make you forget that self-conscious smile you used to have for the low security that your old teeth gave you.

The decision to undergo dental treatments, like orthodontics, not only ensure aesthetic help or your oral health, go beyond, it’s time to forget the insecurities that your smile gave you, these treatments help you mentally and physically to smile happily without being afraid to be court.




teeth whitening

This is a subspecialty of dentistry oriented mainly in providing harmony and health to the smile, a beautiful smile represents many more than having beautiful white teeth through teeth bleaching, you need all to be good: Lips, gums and teeth.

For this reason in our specialized dental center we work with all aspects, including teeth bleaching, so that the teeth are in harmony with all of them.


In our clinic we provide specialized treatment to people of all ages, child odontology is aimed at caring for the oral health of children, so we are specialists in working with babies, children and adolescents and make sure that their mouths and teeth have good health .

We have all the tools for child odontology and all the treatments even with nitrous oxide sedation to combat the fear of children.


Endodontics is the treatment of the nerve by which the pulp of the tooth is removed and the duct is then sealed. Sometimes the dental pulp can be affected, this is a tissue composed of nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth that when affected needs a cure.

Fortunately for specialists and patients, endodontics procedure has changed a lot over the years thanks to the development of new, more modern and flexible equipment.


Dental implants are small titanium screws that adhere to the bone, with that you can replace teeth.

This  dental implant not only looks very natural but is also functional at the time of chewing, in our center we are more than specialists in this area ensuring the better materials and techniques to place them.


It has always been thought that the problems of malformation in the teeth is something only aesthetic and that does not affect oral health at all, but this is a clear mistake since having a bad bite can affect your overall health including breathing, we always have the need to improve these malformations with orthodontics.

A good bite helps your health and self-esteem, nothing better than having a beautiful smile to show you confident and orthodontics can help with that.


Due to different factors, whether external or internal, the patient may have periodontics problems. The teeth are attached to the bone by means of a periodontal ligament, which is a composite of fibers that are responsible for joining the bones.

When this ligament is affected it is important to intervene immediately the periodontics to prevent them from detaching from the bone.

Dental prostheses

When a tooth or complete denture is lost due to problems of degeneration, age, periodontal disease or other problem, a dental prosthesis may be the solution to this problem.

The benefits of a dental prosthesis are similar to those of esthetic dentistry and orthodontics, both help improve oral health, help chew and most importantly, the patient feels comfortable with his smile and with himself.


When talking about oral surgery, a large field is covered since this can be treated from a small surgery due to extraction or a more complex procedure such as dental implants.

Depending on the oral surgery performed, local anesthesia, simple sedation or general anesthesia will be applied in the most complicated cases. That if also depending on the needs of the patient.


Dental hygiene is something completely necessary for oral health, we must remember to wash our teeth at least 3 times a day as we are taught since childhood, in our clinic it is always recommended to perform a dental cleaning at least twice a year, this is a of the simplest interventions that can be performed in the area of dentistry.
A professional cleaning is completely necessary for good oral health, this procedure is responsible for removing plaque, and tartar accumulated in the teeth, all that the brushes and the thread of teeth can not reach, this is part of the dental hygiene.