Otayba Mahmoud


Dental health is something that Otayba Mahmoud is completely committed to, every day he kept himself informed and trained, in addition to his studies in different countries, in which he has learned about different treatments and techniques in the area of dentistry, that has made him an advanced professional in this field. Thanks to all his studies and experience he has been able to offer his services in Lausanne with Biopole Clinic, as well as opening another dental clinic in Morges.

Discover how Otayba Yousef Mahmoud managed to open his practice in Lausanne and Morges

Academic training


Born in Spain, he started his dental studies at the University of Barcelona, one of the most prestigious universities in the country. He continued learning more, so he enters  University of Valencia where he got his Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Surgery and Oral Medicine. By 2012 he decided to move to Switzerland where he worked in Lausanne and more cities before to start hi currently Master of Advanced Studies in Microinvasive Aesthetic Dentistry by the University of Geneva.

Otayba Yousef Mahmoud knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to dental care

His dental clinic in Morges


We want to offer our master work in Morges, with an amazing team and all the new technologies and techniques. We can apply them in our new clinic. At the same time we continue learning and training to keep us with the latest news in the field.

We had learned that, to be the professional the we want to be as a masters, we must keep training and learning every day, that technology advances and all the masters will help us to apply all the innovations, based on the most recent research. All our Masters are supported by the AAQ (Agence suisse d’accréditation et d’assurance qualité).

Every thing that he has learned over the years is applied in his clinic in Morges, he has learned to apply in his clinic the best things that he has acquired during his training time, each experience and technique to provide the best service that he can within his dental clinic.

His dental clinic in Lausanne


We provide the best quality work in Lausanne too, at the Biopole Center located in the North of the city. He’s surrounded by an excellent team work that will let you have an amazing experience.  This clinic is also provided by the latest technology to offer any kind of advanced treatment. All the team will take care of you.